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The marketing industry is like an ex-communist regime saying they are now democratic

Marketing production, autocratic and scared of change

The industry is awash with creative agency & network criticism and the need for them to ‘change’. But little has been said about marketing production agencies, their old school methods used to make huge margins and procurement’s inability to understand the new marketplace.

Why is the ad industry is like an ex-communist regime?

Bear with me…….

1. Would you give up 2 homes, cars, wine cellar and private schooling for the kids if it actually meant changing the business you run to do what the industry needs and the right thing for your clients? Just because you talk about having a new way of doing things doesn’t mean you instantly drop 25 years of institutionalised ways of working and beliefs.

2. Any business having multiple employees with over 20+ years services, earning healthy $6 figure salaries, bonus packages and a fear of the digital age, the redundancy payments alone needed to transition and bring in the right personnel would cause businesses to crash. But not just this, everyone has lives and a career to protect and that is not easily given up for change.

3. Old school marketing production agencies talk and pitch a good game about the digital age, automation and personalised content. However, when you look past the glass doors, wooden floors and polished steel, the people leading the business and making decisions are the same individuals who sold and have belief in the old regime they initially implemented.

4. Fear, fear and fear. We all have an inherent fear of confrontation, change and authority in the advertising world. We don’t speak up when we should do, we don’t answer honestly to questions posed, and we all smile (just think about this for a moment) when a senior person says something inappropriate but could be career ending if you have a differing opinion.

It may be a somewhat extreme metaphor to use for our industry, but the point and parallels are great. It’s easy to talk change but making those changes is difficult

- Lack of change has a dramatic effect on effectiveness and productivity

- People and talent with ideas are stifled and look elsewhere to ply their trade

- Innovation is slow, withheld and suppressed to protect old agendas

- Cultures become fear based, autocratic and single agenda driven

- Finance is used ineffectively and waste grows to unparalleled levels

It’s time for more than just role name tweaks and talk of 'change' but sweeping transformation of our industry, including marketing production.

It should be a time of excitement, ideas, collaboration and new ways of working, not protectionism, fear and controlled agendas.

We are all in for change and progress. Are you?

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